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Puppy and Kitten Care In Kennett Square, PA

At Cypress Veterinary Clinic, we love babies! That is why we all got into the field of veterinary medicine! And some may say that is what we do all day! We believe preventative medicine starts right here, at the first visit. During your new puppy or kitten’s visit we will discuss:

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Preventions
  • When to spay/neuter based on your pet’s breed and your preferences
  • Risk factors in their lifestyle to tailor their vaccine schedule
  • Microchipping and answer any questions you may have!

A great thing to consider when you get a new puppy or kitten is pet insurance. The best time to start a policy is before any pre-existing conditions develop. Pet insurance helps cover unexpected costs that can accrue due to an emergency, surgery or chronic conditions.

CVC recommends that you bring your new puppy or kitten in for their first exam as soon as you can. Please bring: All records provided to you from rescue or breeder and a stool sample. This way our staff will know what vaccines have been given. We follow AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and AAFP’s (American Association of Feline Practioners) vaccine guidelines and those of the State of Pennsylvania regarding Rabies vaccination.

We want to watch your baby grow! Schedule your new kitten or puppy now!

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