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Pet Daytime Emergency & Urgent Care

Learn more about our pet daytime emergency & urgent care services below.

Pet Daytime Emergency & Urgent Care In Kennett Square, PA

At Cypress Veterinary Clinic we know that things don’t always go as planned. Just like people, our pets can suddenly become ill or injured. During this unprecedented time in veterinary medicine, we understand the stress this brings to the pet owner. At CVC we want to help you and your pet the best that we can, while also doing the best for your pet. Sometimes that means we can see you and other times it may mean we feel that your pet needs more advanced care, testing, and monitoring.

If you feel that your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call CVC first! Our experienced staff can help triage your pets’ symptoms and help decide if your pet is experiencing a true emergency and needs to be seen immediately. We will determine if our veterinarians are available to see your pet as a fit in, drop off, or at an available appointment time. If the CVC staff, based on your description, decide it is in the best interest of your pet to go immediately to an Emergency/Referral Hospital, they will guide you to do so. If we feel that what your pet is experiencing doesn’t require immediate assistance, we will help you schedule an appointment.

Please be advised, there are only so many hours in the day and people to fill them. In order to provide the compassionate, customized, and individual care we strive for we sometimes have to refer your pet to an emergency hospital. We want to help everyone, please be respectful of the advice given. Please note that the fee for urgent care and emergency visits are higher than normal CVC exam fees.

Cypress Veterinary Clinic does not offer after-hours or weekend emergency services. Please refer to the list of area hospitals.

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