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Pet Palliative & End-of-Life Care

Learn more about our pet hospice & palliative care services below.

Pet Palliative & End-of-Life Care In Kennett Square, PA

The team at Cypress Veterinary Clinic is honored to be a part of the bond you share with your pet and we will share this burden and celebrate your memories. We are here to provide your family and beloved pet with love and support during their palliative/hospice care days and then to offer a peaceful option when the time comes. Despite how difficult the decision is, we feel that this is a gift that we can give our most faithful and loving furry friends, to end suffering.

Until the time comes, CVC will offer as much support medically and emotionally as needed during the palliative/hospice time period. We want your pet to have the best quality of life with your family for as long as they can. Comfort, peace, and dignity is a gift we can give our pets after the lifetime of unconditional love they have given us.

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