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Pet In-House Diagnostics

Learn more about our pet in-house diagnostic services below.

Pet In-House Diagnostics In Kennett Square, PA

In this day and age, we want everything yesterday! At Cypress Veterinary Clinic we understand that because so do we! We want our patients to have as much as possible of their diagnostic workup done at our hospital. And during an emergency, we want you to get the results as fast as possible! With our state-of-the-art in-house diagnostics, we will get there quicker as a team to help decide what treatments are needed.

At CVC we have in-house digital radiography. X-rays can be taken and interpreted during your visit. We can perform X-rays of the chest, abdomen, skull, legs, and spine.

We have a full in-house Idexx Laboratory and are able to run a number of tests with results in an hour or less!

  • CBC
  • Chemistries
  • SNAP 4Dx for heartworm and tick-borne disease
  • SNAP Parvo Testing
  • Feline Leukemia and FIV testing
  • Sedivue for Urinalysis

For more complex testing such as Biopsy, Cytology, Fecal antigen and parasite testing, Ringworm PCR, or Serum Allergy testing, we can send samples to a reference laboratory.

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