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Pet Specialty Services

Cypress Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer advanced, specialty diagnostics and procedures.

Pet Specialty Services In Kennett Square, PA

Cypress Veterinary Clinic has a traveling veterinary surgeon that will perform specialized surgical procedures such as TPLO (ACL surgery), fracture repairs, patellar surgery, amputations, and other advanced soft tissue surgeries at our hospital! Stay tuned for other specialty services.

dr laura johnson

Dr. Albert Lynch

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Albert Lynch is a board-certified specialty surgeon who underwent years of additional training so that he may offer you and your pet the highest quality of surgical care, in the comfort of your primary veterinary facility.

Dr. Lynch was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, into a family full of veterinarians and equestrians. Growing up watching his father perform surgery sparked an early passion for anatomy and what would be a lifelong pursuit of surgery.

Albert met his wife, Amanda, during an EMT training course and they have three rescue pets – Phil (the cat), Bob (the dog) and Tommy (the other dog). Albert and Amanda attended the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland. He then completed his rotating and surgical internships in Santa Cruz, California, followed by his surgical residency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recently, Albert and Amanda welcomed their first child, Charlotte, to the family and they can already tell that she will love animals as much as they do.

For his work in the area of fracture fixation and 3D printing, Dr. Lynch has been a podium speaker at the annual American College of Veterinary Surgeons surgery summit, had his research featured on the cover of the medical journal, Veterinary and Comparative Orthopedics and Traumatology, and is a consultant for several medical imaging and implant manufacturers. Dr. Lynch also teaches courses on advanced orthopedic procedures, holds numerous patents for orthopedic devices and software, and regularly uses computer modeling with 3D printing to correct complex fractures and angular limb deformities in his patients.

Dr. Lynch will work closely with both you and your veterinarian to ensure that you are prepared for surgery and that you receive support throughout your pet’s recovery process.

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